Young M.A’s Cypher Lines the BET Hip Hop Awards Didn’t Air

Thursday, October 13 2016 6:53 am

Young M.A. took to Twitter last week to claim that her B.E.T. Cypher was cut short, but she got the chance to rap her lines during a recent sit down with Music Choice. The Brooklyn rapper started out by telling viewers, “How I introduced it was totally different than where they started me at.”

She then got straight into rhyming, “Before I start spittin’ these bars, I want y’all to know I’mma problem, please be alarmed/I’m that chick you can’t bring around your sister and moms/I might just grab they ass, grip it and palm/Don’t feel offended, this is just me on the norm/I like to speak my mind, I don’t mean any harm/No chain on my neck, no watch on my arm/None of that designer s***, my apparel is calm.”

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