Beanie Sigel Responds to Getting KO’d + More

Wednesday, September 28 2016 5:33 pm

While a guest on the Tax Season Podcast on Wednesday [September 28], Beanie Sigel defended himself against reports that he was confronted backstage at the Bad Boy Family Reunion concert in Philly last week. The legendary Broad Street Bully cleared the record on initial photos and video that showed him laid out as his attacker walked off, asking fans to dig for the complete footage before passing judgement. According to Sigel, he was sucker punched by someone acting on Meek Mill’s behalf, after he attempted to have a one-on-one talk with the Dream Chasers rapper.

“Wasn’t nothing straight up, he stood up in front of me. Let’s keep it 100. The people who got the full tape, show it. It’s me and three n****s that’s probably, no bigger than 5’2″. You got a 6’4″ 300 something pound n***a whose front lining for this dude. Young boy, in his prime,” Beans told Taxstone. In the days since the incident, additional footage indeed has leaked to show that the punch that floored Sigel came from a blindside. He went on to explain that it seems to him as though there is no talking to Meek at this stage of his career, as was the case when moments earlier he was brushed off by his Philly rap successor. “‘Meek, you wanna talk?'” He said, “‘Nah. Handle your business; we’ll talk afterwards.'” Meek said to Beans before responding, “‘Alright, that’s what we’ll do. We’ll talk about it.’ Because it wasn’t, after awhile, you know what? He’s never gonna listen. He’s on his arrogance. He’s never going to listen because he’s on his high. He come from nothing to having something, he ain’t take his fall yet. He don’t know the same people you see going up, is the same people you’re going to see when you come down,” said Beanie.

During the interview Sigel also took the time to opine on Meek’s year long beef with Drake, saying that he doesn’t believe it comes down to rhymes. “It’s not taking away from your money or none of that. So what’s the real reason why you’re mad? What’s the real reason why you was made at Drake? And my point of view.. you was laying in the bed one night. You rolled over, and you looked at her cuz, and you asked her: “You f***ed that n***a?” and she ain’t answer you in the way you wanted her to,” he said. Beanie had been discussing how unwise he sees it to question the street cred of a pop superstar like Drake, when it doesn’t apply to someone like him.

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